Universal is much more than a supplier

Universal is not only a supplier of chemicals, but also proposes to its partners-customers other services such as:

Import and distribution

Over the years, Universal has developed a wide network of suppliers around the world, allowing it to offer a wide range of products and business solutions while providing consultancy and technical support designed for SMEs.

Advice and technical support

Draw by professionals in the field, and specialists in the world of the chemistry, our strategy aims to cover all the needs necessary for a choice wise and successful materials, or for technical solutions.

Transport and Logistics

Thanks to its expertise in the field, the Universal benefits of a transportation service and logistics based on the reactivity, flexibility and reliability and allow him to to ensure the smooth delivery of the goods to its customers and securing their goods when receiving, storage, or preparation of the commands.

Sustainable Development

Our efforts for an ongoing development of our product range, are intended to the creation of a broad range of options to manufacturers of all sectors. Security and environment friendliness: our company ensures compliance of the new rules of advertising and ecological requirements combining thus the environmental awareness and civic responsibility.